Being charged with a crime is an incredibly frightening and life changing event. You can relieve some of the stress by hiring a law firm with extensive experience and a reputation of fighting hard for its client’s rights. The Law Office of Joseph C. Bartels is standing at the ready to help you navigate the rough waters of criminal accusations and trials. It is imperative to secure the services of a defense attorney as soon as possible if you or a loved one has been accused of criminal wrongdoing. You can rest a little easier knowing that your allies inside and outside of the courtroom are seasoned veterans in the field of criminal law. Call the Law Offices of Joseph C. Bartels now and get your defense started today.

Why Choose Joseph C. Bartels?

  • Former reserve lieutenant with New Orleans’ Police Department
  • Graduated from LSU Law School in 1982
  • Former district attorney in New Orleans
  • Practicing privately since 1983
  • Nearly 31 years experience

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