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New Orleans Theft Lawyer

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What is Theft in Louisiana?

Theft can encompass several types of offenses from a minor shoplifting charge to the more severe armed robbery, which could be a violent crime.

Despite the charges you’re facing, if convicted, the consequences could significantly impact you. Also, some financial theft offenses could be charged as a federal crime, which gets the federal government involved.

Got Arrested?

You need personalized counsel, aggressive guidance, and to be kept informed over your case, and you should be able to trust your criminal defense attorney’s broad experience to work towards the optimal possible legal outcome for you. There are many different types of theft crimes, including burglary, shoplifting, carjacking, embezzlement, snatching a purse, white collar crimes, felony theft, armed robbery, robbery, burglary, and writing bad checks.

Understanding Louisiana’s Theft Penalties

Common consequences for theft convictions can include:

  • Prison or jail sentences
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • Loss of rights for felony theft crimes

The penalties for theft in the state of Louisiana are based largely on whether or not any other aggravating factors were involved in addition to the underlying value of the items taken.

Possible penalties for items valued at less than $500 include restitution, fines, and up to two years in prison. For those items valued higher than $500; longer jail time, higher fines, and restitution may apply. If you are a first time offender, do not assume that the courts will look favorably upon the fact that you have not been accused or convicted of a crime in the past.

Our Process

Evaluate Your Case

Evaluate Your Case

Develop Legal Strategy

Develop Legal Strategy

Fight for Your Rights

Fight for Your Rights

Alternative Penalties for Theft Allegations

You could be eligible for pre-trial diversion program in certain situations. These programs enable you to avoid traditional prison or jail sentences in lieu of completing community service or related programs. If you successfully complete these programs, you can avoid the negative impacts of a criminal record, too.

Pre-trial diversion is available to:

  • First-time offenders
  • Theft crimes with low property value
  • Juvenile offenders

If pre-trial diversion is not an option in your situation, your defense lawyer will work to evaluate the strength of the prosecution’s case. This information might be used to negotiate your charges down or to argue for dismissal in court.

Defenses for Theft Allegations

A theft case is usually straightforward from the attorney’s point of view. It is your attorney’s job to hold the prosecutor to the burden of proof required to convict you of theft. You might not be aware of the omissions or weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, but a thorough evaluation of your situation could reveal that these are the crucial aspect of getting your case thrown out.

The following elements can be challenged or raised in a theft defense:

  • The owner of the item or property in question does not claim that the accused person took the property. If a witness is not willing or available to say this was their item or that it was taken, you can use this in your defense.
  • The accused person must have knowingly possessed the item and had the intent to steal it.
  • The value of the item can be questioned, especially if you’re being targeted for more serious penalties based on an inflated estimate.

Why Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney for Theft Allegations?

Attorney Joseph C. Bartels has an earned a reputation across the region for launching a passionate investigation and pursuit of justice on behalf of those clients who have been accused of a crime. Recognizing the life lasting repercussions of being accused of a theft crime, especially if this shows up on an employment background check, your lawyer should look into all possible chances to minimize or dismiss these cases where possible.

You might not know what to expect as your case unfolds in the court system, which is why you turn to your experienced criminal defense attorney to advocate for you and to help you work towards case dismissal, charge reduction, or an acquittal. You need an attorney who will keep you personally informed about the status of your case and one who will give you an honest appraisal of your best options to defend yourself when attempting to keep these charges off your record.

Your lawyer should be familiar with the essential elements of theft allegations and how to move your case through the court system as effectively and efficiently as possible for you.

Ready for the Next Step?

Request a Free Consultation Today!

Have you recently been accused of a theft crime in the state of Louisiana? Regardless of where you live in the New Orleans region, you deserve to have a New Orleans theft lawyer evaluate the specifics of your case as soon as possible and to help explain to you what you can anticipate going forward.

Aggressive defense of your rights should be the first priority for your New Orleans theft attorney. Far too many people find themselves in over their heads by attempting to cooperate with the police and accidentally providing information that was unnecessary or misinformation that only strengthens the case against them. In order to avoid these unfortunate consequences and the resulting penalties of being accused of a theft crime, it is critical to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Orleans immediately to discuss what to do next.

You need a lawyer who will work diligently to prepare your defense strategy, such as looking through evidence or police reports for inconsistencies or violations of your rights. The priority of your New Orleans theft crime lawyer should be to get your charges dismissed or to seek an acquittal if one is possible. Other options available to you based on your attorney’s experience can include a plea bargain, which would minimize collateral damage for you due to an agreement with the prosecution.

Since fast action taken by an attorney can get your charges dropped or reduced, leverage your rights now and schedule a consultation if someone says you’re charged with theft.

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