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Have You or a Relative Been Convicted of a Criminal Matter
by a Non-Unanimous Verdict ?

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Have You Been Arrested?

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Have You Been Charged?

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Criminal Defense in New Orleans

The law office of Joseph C. Bartels provides aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense representation to Louisiana residents in Jefferson Parish, Saint Bernard Parish, Saint Tammany Parish, and Orleans Parish. We also represent non-residents who may have been charged with a crime while visiting New Orleans.

Our law firm has a strong background in investigating all opportunities for resolving criminal allegations for residents charged with warrants, aggravated DUI, driving while intoxicated, fraud, domestic accusations, probation violations, traffic offenses, drug possession, sex crimes, violent offenses, and white-collar crimes.

Our Practice Areas

Helping first-time and subsequent DUI offenders fight back

Misdemeanor and felony theft defense to protect your future and freedom

Know your rights with a probation hearing if you’ve been accused of violating terms

Keep your driving record clean after a citation or charge

For possession charges involving all drug types and quantities

Increase your odds of getting your case dismissed or charges reduced

Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Experience counts when you need someone to become immersed in your case immediately and invested in the outcome. Attorney Joseph C. Bartels knows what it takes to explore all options in your criminal case and to help you each step of the way.

With an honest attorney who keeps your best interests in mind from the moment he’s hired, you know that you have a trusted advocate in your corner.

Your defense process begins the moment you’ve been accused. You’ll work directly with attorney Joseph C. Bartels to understand your charges and evaluate a strategy to respond.

Why Choose Joseph C. Bartels?

  • Former reserve lieutenant with New Orleans’ Police Department
  • Graduated from LSU Law School in 1982
  • Former assistant district attorney in New Orleans
  • Practicing privately since 1983
  • Over 40 years of experience
Joseph C. Bartels

Joseph C. Bartels

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Actions to Take After Being Charged

You should never have to face this situation alone because every decision you make early on in your case could have life-lasting implications. You need a lawyer who will do everything possible to fight hard to protect your reputation as well as your freedom.

Collect and Review Your Evidence

Any evidence should be collected or reviewed as soon as possible if you’re already under investigation or facing charges.

DUI / DWI | Theft |Probation Violations |Traffic Violations |Drug Possession | Domestic Violence

Retain an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

The earlier you retain a criminal defense attorney in your case, the easier it is for your lawyer to look into options to negotiate a plea deal or to have the case dismissed altogether. You need a criminal attorney who is experienced and committed to the best possible outcomes for you.

Stay One Step Ahead

Ask your lawyer to explain which hearing or stage in the process is next for you.


  • When you’re facing criminal charges, you deserve to have a defense attorney who will fight back on your behalf. Criminal charges can be serious and can follow you for many years. This means your selection of a New Orleans criminal defense attorney is essential for your future.

    You need to retain a criminal defense attorney in New Orleans as soon as possible after you’ve been accused. This is your best opportunity to present all of the details you remember about the situation in question and the circumstances of your arrest to an experienced criminal defense attorney who can advise you about what to do next.

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Honest Assessments with Your New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer

As soon as you’ve been accused of a crime or believe you’re under suspicion, it’s time to speak to your criminal defense attorney. Your criminal defense attorney will advise you about the specifics of the charges against you and help you understand a plan and criminal defense strategy to help protect your future.

The criminal defense strategy created by your knowledgeable NOLA criminal defense lawyer might help you avoid the charges altogether if he or she is successful in getting your case dismissed.

Plea deals and other opportunities to minimize the consequences in your criminal charges should be explored as soon as possible. This is another major reason to retain an attorney who has extensive experience.

Remember that you have the option to exercise your right to speak to an attorney. The sooner you do this in your case, the easier it’ll be for you to relay important information about your arrest to your lawyer and gain valuable insight from his or her legal experience in this field.

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