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Why Choose Us as Your Attorney?

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Looking for the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer Near You?

Joseph Bartels is a straight-forward New Orleans criminal defense attorney with over 39 years of experience. As a former reserve police lieutenant and New Orleans District Attorney,  he has successfully defended the rights of those accused of crimes. Talk with Joseph about your legal issues. Our main office is located on Canal Street in New Orleans, but we are also available in Jefferson Parish, St. Bernard Parish, and St. Tammany.

Highly Rated on Google

As of February 2020, we have a 5-star rating on Google. We’re proud to have positive relationships with our clients. If you are still looking to talk to an experienced attorney, contact us day or night. If we don’t answer right away, leave a message and we will return your call. In the meantime, please read our reviews on Google here.

Criminal Defense in New Orleans

The law office of Joseph C. Bartels provides aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense representation to Louisiana residents in Jefferson Parish, Saint Bernard Parish, Saint Tammany Parish, and Orleans Parish. We also represent non-residents who may have been charged with a crime while visiting New Orleans.

Our law firm has a strong background in investigating all opportunities for resolving criminal allegations for residents charged with warrants, aggravated DUI, driving while intoxicated, fraud, domestic accusations, probation violations, traffic offenses, drug possession, sex crimes, violent offenses, and white-collar crimes.

Your Legal Coach 

Legal Coaching is offered outside of direct representation. A legal coach helps you to get the most positive effect no matter where you’re at in the case process. If you hire Joseph C. Bartels as your attorney, you also hire him as your legal coach. Joseph Bartels will help you to see the positives and negative aspects of your case in order to develop a highly effective and efficient game plan. 

Regardless of whether you are facing charges related to sex crimes, DUI, driving while intoxicated, violent offenses, white collar crimes, or traffic offenses and misdemeanors, you need to have an attorney who can help you.

In general, legal coaching includes:

  • How to prepare yourself and handle yourself in court
  • Understanding the likely arguments of the other side
  • Reviews and comments of court documents
  • Assistance in clarifying achievable goals for the case
  • Advice on spoken and written presentations of materials to the court
  • Assessment of the weaknesses and strengths of both sides of the case
  • Explanations about the burden the client will need to meet in proving their case
  • Guidance on ways to manage the case’s weaknesses and highlight its strengths
  • Evaluation of all available options

Our Process

Evaluate Your Case

Evaluate Your Case

Develop Legal Strategy

Develop Legal Strategy

Fight for Your Rights

Fight for Your Rights

Experience Matters

Louisiana residents have been turning to Joseph C. Bartels for no-nonsense aggressive criminal representation for over 36 years. This former reserve police lieutenant and New Orleans District Attorney has successfully been defending the rights of those accused of crimes in this private practice law firm since 1983. You can rely on his extensive experience to present you with the full range of options available to you after you have been accused of a crime.

His background in the district attorney’s office, law enforcement, and nearly three decades of private practice make him an invaluable resource to turn to when you or a loved one is facing criminal prosecution. If you find yourself in this difficult situation, you need to secure the services of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney immediately.

The experience and communication skills represented by Joseph C. Bartels gives you peace of mind that you have someone zealously defending your rights. You’ll have a better idea of how to approach your case with success in mind leveraging the experience of an informed lawyer.

Why Represent Yourself?

You may need to represent yourself in a case or require further information about what this involves and whether this is appropriate for you due to time constraints, budget, or other reasons. No matter how you come to decide to represent yourself, don’t proceed without at least considering the benefits of legal coaching.

Our legal coaching strategies give you further insight about how to proceed with your case and what you can anticipate as the charges move through the criminal justice system. Being informed and educated will give you a great deal of confidence as well as clarity about what to expect and how to avoid common errors, omissions, and mistakes.

You will enter the courtroom in a position in which you can ideally negotiate various issues surrounding your case and have a better expectation of the challenges or obstacles that may present themselves in the future. With legal coaching, you are not only working with a qualified and dedicated attorney, but you are relying on attorney Joseph C. Bartels’ years of experience in advising and helping clients through similar situations. This enables you to pursue an outcome in your case that is meaningful for you while also minimizing the possible consequences and future penalties assessed in the case. Knowing all avenues available to you and the different forms of resolution that might come about in the management of your case, makes it that much easier to approach and remain successful in your pursuit of your own criminal defense.

Ready for the Next Step?

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Why Hire an Attorney?

You need support from an experienced criminal defense attorney if you have already been accused of a crime or if you are currently under investigation for a crime. If you’re not willing or able to hire a lawyer for full representation, legal coaching can help to bridge the gap.

An attorney will know the system, the stages, and the common tactics used in New Orleans criminal cases. Rather than forcing you to get nervous or to stumble through your case, a lawyer empowers you to approach these issues on your own.

It can be nerve-wracking, frustrating, and confusing to defend yourself in criminal court. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is the best way to avoid many of the most common problems that people pursuing self-representation usually experience.

The sooner that you engage with an experienced New Orleans criminal defense attorney, the easier it will be for you to chart your ideal outcome and to develop a criminal defense strategy directly in line with what you need. While you’ll likely feel anxious and concerned immediately after being accused of a crime, knowing that you have a powerful advocate who is highly knowledgeable about this area of the law and one who is familiar with the local court cases and processes will make a difficult situation that much easier.

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