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New Orleans Domestic Violence Attorney

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Charged with Domestic Violence?

Increase your odds of getting your case dismissed or charges reduced. Retain a domestic violence defense attorney sooner rather than later. Being charged with any crime is a stressful experience, and you have a right to an attorney throughout the entire process.

Attorney Joseph C. Bartels knows what it takes to explore all your options and help you each step of the way.

Domestic Violence in Louisiana

The State of Louisiana defines domestic violence as physical or sexual abuse and any offense against the person, physical or non-physical, committed by one family member, household member, or dating partner against another. “Domestic abuse” also includes abuse of adults (R.S. 15:1503) when committed by an adult child or adult grandchild.

Common Defense Strategies

  • False Allegations
    • Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for separated spouses or former dating partners to accuse one another of domestic abuse in order to gain the upper hand in a divorce proceeding or custody battle.
    • Your attorney will seek to establish inconsistencies between the allegations and the evidence. For example, you can prove you were not present during the time of the incident, there is no physical evidence, or the accuser has a history of instability.
  • Self-Defense/Defense of Others
    • You have the right to defend yourself and your family from imminent danger of bodily harm, as long as the amount of force used is reasonable in relation to the danger.
    • Your attorney will investigate your partner’s previous history of violence, if the victim admits to using violence, if any evidence at the scene suggests the victim was aggressive, and if you sustained any injuries.
  • Lack of Proof/No Traumatic Condition
    • You are innocent until proven guilty. You cannot be convicted if the prosecutor fails to meet the mandatory burden of proof.
    • Your lawyer will expose weaknesses in your accuser’s argument, prove a lack of physical evidence, or request the case be dismissed if there were no injuries reported at the scene.
  • Reckless Harm
    • When a person unintentionally causes serious physical injuries to a family member, he or she can be charged with reckless harm. Even if the actions were accidental, if the person was aware that their behavior poses a substantial risk to others, they may be at fault.
    • If you did not intend to hurt anyone, but your actions still resulted in an injury, it is advised that you consult with a domestic violence attorney to determine the specific charges and penalties you may be facing.

Our Process

Evaluate Your Case

Evaluate Your Case

Develop Legal Strategy

Develop Legal Strategy

Fight for Your Rights

Fight for Your Rights

What You Need to Do

Exercise your right to remain silent to avoid incriminating yourself and keep your distance from the accuser. Call your attorney immediately after an accusation or arrest. Your lawyer will work to release you from jail, set reasonable bail, explain what to expect, develop a strong defense strategy, provide advice during the investigation, and negotiate with prosecutors to reduce penalties. For the quickest response, call or text us at (504) 482-2900 day or night. We are available 24/7.

  • Keep Your Freedom
  • Help us, help you avoid jail time. The success of your defense will depend on your cooperation and honesty with your attorney. Be upfront with all details in order to develop the best defense for your specific case. Your attorney needs time to review the facts, interview witnesses, investigate evidence, and consult experts. At the Law Office of Joseph C. Bartels, we will fight to reduce or dismiss the charges on your behalf. Request your free consultation today.

  • Protect Your Rights
  • Talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer will guarantee due process under the law including equal and unbiased treatment and protection from self-incrimination, unreasonable police searches, and excessive fines or punishments. Click Here to schedule your appointment.

Ready for the Next Step?

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Your Criminal Defense Case

Our criminal defense team has a track record of successfully defending clients against a variety of charges, including domestic violence, violent crimes and sex crimes.

No case is too big or too small for our criminal defense team.

Whether you are fighting a traffic infraction or are being charged with a federal felony, we are ready and able to provide zealous representation. We will be your advocate in the courtroom, and provide you the compassionate support you need to get through this difficult time. We ensure your rights are respected and protected by identifying and challenging any evidence that may have been illegally obtained, and by crafting the strongest possible defense against your charges.

What We Do

  • We thoroughly and carefully investigate your case to discover any evidence law enforcement missed
  • Conduct our own interviews of everyone involved, including law enforcement
  • If appropriate we will bring in witnesses to testify on your behalf
  • We give you options on how to proceed with your defense to fight your charges
  • We can negotiate with the prosecution and fight to have your charges or sentence reduced, if the situation warrants.


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